Monday, December 10, 2012

Pemberton Hall, England - 1814

The hall is ablaze with lights as servants bustle about. The Duke and Duchess of Pemberton are positively famous for their Annual Christmas Ball. Bedrooms have been aired and dusted for arriving guests. The ballroom and other public rooms are festooned with greenery. The kitchens are a hive of activity as dishes of every variety are prepared.

A secured invitation ensures one's position in the ton for the upcoming season. The noblest of England’s finest families vie for the honor to attend—most especially those with daughters of a marriageable age. As the Christmas Ball fills with guests ranging from scandalous rogues to men of good heart, all of whom dance attendance on the lovely ladies of the beau monde, a happily ever after affords the most wondrous Christmas of all.

Please join the Wild Okie Writers at the ball as we present the serial Regency romance, My True Love Gave to Me.
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