Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happily Ever After

Chocolate, Flowers and…

Happily Ever After

     Val and Tina Hart nestled in front of the fire in their suite and clinked wine glasses.
   “Here’s to another successful Valentine’s Day, darlin’.” Val’s deep voice rumbled with a suppressed chuckle.
    “We did good this year, didn’t we?” Tina’s eyes twinkled like an elf’s.
    Val slipped his arm around his wife’s shoulders and snuggled her into his side. “We had a few close calls but all in all, true love won out.”
    “I was definitely worried about the Kramers, honey. She was so distraught over the loss of their little girl, but Spence loves Aileen. They needed the magic of Valentine Mountain to find their love again. You did well on that one.”
     “They’re acting just like newlyweds now. They’re both wearing their golden bands.” He kissed her temple. “And thank goodness Lance and Angie finally figured things out.”
     Tina laughed, the sound, light and airy, warmed his heart.
     “I was about to give up on those two,” she added. “I decided he’d never get it and she would never break that silly girlfriend rule. Those two have been in love forever but just couldn’t admit it. Lance did me proud when he dug through all the candy hearts to find the one that said BE MINE.”
      “Good thing Jesse was here with that dog of his, huh? I’d hate to think what might have happened to Megan without them.”
     “I almost didn’t recognize her when she checked in, even though I read all her books. She gets her own happily ever after now. And that boy finally gets to know how special he is to all of us.”
     “Darlin’, Jesse hasn’t been a boy for a long time. He’s a full-grown man and a hero.” Val squeezed Tina’s hand. “He just needed to be reminded of that he’s not an outsider.” He poured champagne into their glasses.
      Tina giggled, her eyes twinkling with a memory. “What about Taffy and Ben? I can just picture that poor girl coming out the cardboard cake at the bachelor party. Thank goodness Ben is such a gentleman. And thank goodness that party didn’t leave any shocking remnants lying about.” She shuddered in mock dismay.
      “A gentleman with good tastes—in women and champagne. I think the two of them will be very happy together. Do you suppose Taffy’s friend, Kayla, will volunteer for Ben’s bachelor party?”
      Her giggles erupted into a throaty chuckle. “I do hope they’ll celebrate it here!”
Val clinked his glass against Tina’s again. “This has been a year for starting over, don’t you think?”
     Nodding and then taking a sip, Tina swallowed before answering. “When those twins set up the reservations for their parents, I thought my heart would break. Andy and Glory almost lost each other.” She sniffled a little. He reached for a tissue and handed it to her. “I can’t imagine what they went through but I’m so happy love won out and they’re back together.”
      He sighed and then noticed the plate of goodies Tina had set out. “Are those from Holly’s bakery?” At his wife’s smile, he snagged two of the cake balls and popped them into his mouth one after the other. “How long before we’re catering the reception for the sheriff and Holly?”
      The corners of Tina’s mouth curled up. “If I know Brett Landers, not long. He’s a man of action, after all and Holly definitely found a recipe for love.”
     “What do you think about Philomena and Nate getting together?” Val asked, a bit distracted as he eyed the plate.
    “Don’t ruin your dinner, dear,” Tina admonished. “And she prefers Mena. I’m thrilled Nate finally realized she’s not Sean’s little sister any longer—that she’s a grown-up in her own right.”
      Val chuckled. “I don’t think wild stallions could pull them apart now.”
      “It was good to see Toddye back here, and as much as I worried about her being alone, Brian certainly made sure she’d forget about any heartbreak her divorce caused.”
      “That man is handy for all sorts of things.” Val waggled his eyebrows. “I wonder if he’s ever uncovered the sign on his cabin.”
      “You mean the one with the intertwined hearts that says Cupid’s Cabin on it?” Tina leaned closer to kiss her husband. “I loved living there when we were newlyweds. I’m certain the magic is still there.”
    “It was nice to have so much family here this year.” Val's expression turned thoughtful. “I almost sent that Collin packing when he showed up.”
      Tina harrumphed softly. “You and Angelique both needed to trust that young man. Rumors only bring remorse so don’t jump to conclusions when you hear one. Luckily, he was determined to make Angelique see things his way.”
      “And what a way to end the Nearlywed Game! Him down on one knee proposing? He made our Angel a very happy girl.” He slipped his arm around his bride of sixty years. “It bodes well, I think, that Brian and Toddye won the game.”
       Burrowing against his side, Tina sighed happily. “Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.” She raised her face for a kiss, and he was happy to oblige.
     “Every day with you is Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. And every day here at the SweetHart Lodge means true love finds its Happily Ever After.”

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by to read our Valentine stories. We hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more editions of the Wild Okie Writers coming to a blog near you. Updates will be posted to let you know about our next project.

Happy Valentine's Day


The Wild Okie Writers!

May you always have Chocolate, Flowers, and a Happily Ever After!


  1. *sigh*

    Thanks, Wild Okies, for the great stories to celebrate Valentine's Day. Loved them all :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed this series, Janet. We'll be back soon with our next anthology, though I'm not sure what we'll be doing. You'll have to find something else to read with your coffee for a little bit. ;)

  2. A touching ending, thanks, Silver. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

    1. Thanks, Kathy, and thanks for the editing help. :)

  3. Bravo! Wonderful, Silver. Had a blast with my wonderful Holiday blog buddies again. You are all fabulous, no matter what the occasion :)

    1. We ARE fabulous, aren't we? LOLOL Glad you enjoyed it, Anna. With such talented writers, the epilogues just seem to write themselves. :)

  4. Wow, great epilogue, Silver. We done good, ladies! I'm so proud to be part of this mega talented group. Happy Valentine's day.

    1. Happy Valentine's Day, Callie! This IS a wonderful group to work with. We have soooo much fun. I can't wait for the next series. :D

  5. Awww What a beautiful cap, Silver! Happy Valentines Day ladies!