Saturday, March 23, 2013


Loretto Chapel, with its beautiful Gothic exterior rising to the sky, and mystery staircase inside. What draws people to it? Does it work ‘miracles’ for some? Bring love for others? Find out as the Oklahoma Romance Writers begin their next series, “Within These Chapel Walls,” starting with Love and War.


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  1. This is a most beutiful piece of architecture Can't be duplicated. The nun's at the chapel did a novena to St Joseph, the Carpenter. A mysterious man appeared with old fashioned tools and found materials in the desert, not identified and built this beutiful staircase, He disappeared on completion. The design is architecturally impossible to duplicate. The stairway is closed off, but the nun's will allow wedding pictures on it. It is breath taking and the feel of the wood is mystical. I loved the chapel .